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Two pair will give you four anchor points. Have I ever loaded a bike with a long 2x8? If you could find a way to securely mount the B&W Biker Bar Motorcycle Tie-Down System # BWMC2302 in the bed of your trailer there's no reason you couldn't use it there. [1] X Research source Wheel chocks are available at automotive stores or online. A wheel chock is a slot for the front tire. To keep your You can also use a motorcycle wheel chock to help stand the motorcycle in position. Maybe your cargo is a bike or motorcycle, or lumber and building supplies for projects, or simply household trash. Using another set of tie-downs in the rear will work too, if you don’t have some type of bed extender. Of course. Finding a way to secure the # BWMC2302 to the frame of your truck like you described would be the way to do it. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Generally, motorcycle-specific equipment costs a snotload of money. All you’re trying to control is lateral (side to side) movement here. Be sure to use durable tie-downs with thick webbing, strong hooks, and aggressive spring buckles. If you choose to transport your motorcycle by truck or trailer, make sure to Step 3 | Load Into Vehicle or Trailer Loading your scooter into a trailer, van, or truck bed can be dangerous; please proceed with caution – you will want a partner to assist with this part. Install a motorcycle wheel chock, and remember to position the straps so that they will pull the bike inward towards the wheel chock. The motorcycle was shut down and left in gear to keep it from moving and the side stand was put down. Living in suburbia, we needed a way to easily transport bikes in my truck. I would rather transport it inside the truck rather then rent a trailer to tow behind the truck. How to Tie Down a Motorcycle in a Truck Bed By Self Author: David Victor | Last updated: September 28, 2020 Truth be told, you love to ride your bike whenever you want and if it were possible, you would have to throttle on the two wheels every day. A Tarp: For open transportation in a pickup truck bed or trailer, it is best to use a tarp to protect the moped or scooter from road hazards. The more traditional method to securing dirt bikes is using a clamp device along with locking straps. Wrap a tie-down strap around one post of the front fork of Start by attaching a chock to your trailer or truck bed. A dedicated motorcycle trailer is the easiest way to move a bike. Here's a guide on how to properly tie down and transport your motorcycle. With the left tie-down already snug, the front suspension will be compressed. This seems pretty straightforward. at Discount Ramps Park on a firm, level surface and clear your truck's bed of any flotsam or jetsam that could cause you to slip. How to Transport a Motorcycle. Tie-down techniques will vary from model to model, but the general principles of safe loading and hauling will be the same regardless of the motorcycle or owner. It is a … How to Trailer a Motorcycle. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Have your assistant hold the motorcycle in place, centered at the rear of the bed, while you secure the motorcycle to the truck. Double check all four straps. Go to Home Depot, or Lowes, or Ace and get a I bolt and put it in the middle of the bed of the truck up front for a tie down point! Also check out the Canyon Dancer Bar Harness to make this step easier. This spring force is what’s going to keep everything snug and in place. The Bed Buddy Motorcycle Tie Down Rack is the original and best-selling rack exclusively designed to enhance motorcycle and bicycle transport in pickup truck beds, cargo vans and trailers. Position it at the back of the bed and center it. The straps I use have an integrated soft loop, which is an awesome feature for hauling bikes. You can also wrap soft loops around the base of the left and right side handle bars. The Bed Buddy motorcycle tie down brace allows you to secure up to three motorcycles or dirt bikes in the bed of your pickup. Put the motorcycle on its side stand and tighten the left tie-down. Attach the other end of the tie-down hook to the anchor point in the truck bed. Then bolt it down. Although you would most likely rather ride your motorcycle than transport it using the truck bed or trailer, sometimes trailering just has to happen. 5 - Secure a Second Set of Motorcycle Tie Down Straps to the Anchor Point on the Truck/Trailer Bed To keep the rear end of the bike from bouncing around, take a second set of tie-downs and run them from an anchor point in the bed, around the rear wheel, and over to … It keeps the tire straight while the motorcycle is in transit. It is expensive because it works. The triple clamp anchor point is easier if you use a pair of nylon loops (soft ties). It doesn’t need to be drum-tight yet—just remove the slack. Here again, we would suggest using a pop chock stand to help keep the motorcycle in an upright position, but be able to secure it properly. I have a short bed pickup truck, which I'm thinking will get the job done, but I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. Here’s what you need to know to tie down your motorcycle: Hook the tie-downs to the handlebar or to the upper or lower triple clamp. Keep the bike straight up and down, not leaned over to either side, and don’t pull the tie-downs too tautly; compress only about half the travel in the front suspension. Not really. Make sure that each one is tight and hasn't become loose during the process of tying down your motorcycle. Roll the motorcycle up the ramp into the truck (probably a good idea to have an assistant or two to help balance), and then use ratchet straps to tie it down securely. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying from a private party and I'm wondering how I will get the bike home once I buy it. It can also be a safety hazard to other drivers on the road if your bike in not secured properly. Do the insides of these trucks have tie down points? Adjust the straps if the motorcycle has shifted. - Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps - Motorcycle Ramp - An able-bodied buddy Steps: 1. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. While motorcycles make for great transportation, you can't always ride yours to wherever you may be going. Many motorcycles can be damaged by bad tie-down jobs. Loading a motorcycle into a truck is a delicate dance best performed with two people. You'll need two tie-downs for this step. We are a door to door two car enclosed automotive and motorcycle transporter that specializes in exotic automobiles. How would you secure the motorcycle. The vehicle:The first and most important tool is the vehicle hauling the bike. The motorcycle was rock solid inside the pickup bed. Dec 29, 2017 - Shop our huge selection of motorcycle accessories and equipment for transporting and servicing your motorcycle, including ramps, lifts, carriers, and more. Soft loops are straps that keep the hooks of your ratchet straps off of your motorcycle to prevent scratching. In a smaller truck this is the only way to go and get the bikes 100% secure!! It’s a tragedy that never needs to happen. The canyon dancer (with soft loops) and rear tie downs were applied. For added security, Chaparral also offers Locking Tiedowns called Lockstraps that secure your vehicle from theft. Loading and tying down a dirt bike in a truck bed isn’t exactly rocket science.However, if you’re new to dirt biking or just haven’t done it much, you can run into a few issues and/or questions. Your email address will not be published. If you own a pickup truck, you probably haul cargo, even if only occasionally. The Bed Buddy motorcycle tie down brace allows you to secure up to three motorcycles or dirt bikes in the bed of your pickup. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. If you choose to use soft hooks, hook your ratchet straps to the other end of your soft loops on the handle bars. 8-Piece 2" x 6' ratchet strap motorcycle tie-down kit with S-hooks Black Widow wheel chock has no-drill design for easy placement and removal in your truck bed or trailer; adjustable to fit most motorcycle … If you're going for a long drive, get out of your car or truck occasionally and assess your motorcycle's position. 2. Was it a good idea? Periodically check the straps. Attach a wheel chock to the back of the trailer bed. How to Tie Down a Motorcycle You’ve spent a whole lot of money on your motorcycle, so I’m sure you want to transport it in the safest, most secure way, am I right? A motorcycle tied down incorrectly to your trailer could result in your motorcycle shifting or tipping over during a trip down the highway, or even falling out of your trailer. Simple Way to Secure Bikes in a Truck Bed: I like to go trail riding with my son. I looked at various racks and hitches sold online as well as a few If you don’t have these, you can use regular ratchet straps with a soft loop added, or something like a Canyon Dancer harness . Loop the soft tie around the clamp first, load the bike, then attach the tie-down hook. 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Ratchet straps are made for standard tie down applications and help keep your motorcycle firmly secured. I'm going to be getting my first bike in the near future. Whatever you haul in your truck, it's important to keep it securely in the bed when you're on the road. This video shows how L-track (also known as L track, airline track or logistic track) is used to create a motorcycle tie down system in a pickup truck.L-track installed on a the bed rails of a truck provides a wide variety of anchor points to tie down motorcycles, … When the bike is upright, snug down the right tie-down. They are designed to be low a… Push the bike over to the right side. THEGARAGELY.COM, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I’d recommend rolling it all the To view our entire privacy policy please visit. Find out more. To keep the rear end of the bike from bouncing around, take a second set of tie-downs and run them from an anchor point in the bed, around the rear wheel, and over to an anchor on the right side. The optional Tie Bar Kicker allows you to haul three dirt bikes by setting the middle bike back further on the truck bed allowing two on the sides to rest towards the front without banging bars. Then tie them down like 2 Once you’ve used a motorcycle ramp to load the bike into the truck or trailer, wrap a soft loop around the base of the left side handle bar and place the hook end of one strap through the soft loop. The Website uses cookies. Tighten the straps too much can cause damage. Watch the video below for a guide on this helpful tie down tool. What’s the point of saving money on a transport tool you need, only to go back and spend it on paint and body work to repair damage caused by a loading mishap?

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