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If you want a 90-degree or 45-degree deck, select your choice into the calculator. There's also the max span of the joists to take into account. Deck block. At The Deck Store, we sell Southern yellow pine, grade No. Decks shall not be constructed on septic systems, and ensure: a. From our slip-resistant wood grain to our 25-year UV Protection Package, we … Find the correct deck joist spacing and span before you start building. Made of concrete. A ... inspector furnished me with a 20 page guide called "Design for Code Acceptance" that layed out all the rules for the deck, including beam and joist size, spacing, posts, bracing, stairs etc. The future is … weight of the spa filled and 5 adults is listed at 3500#. 2 grade lumber or other approved materials as determined by good engineering practices. Just decide its size and shape, then calculate and measure each … But is recommended to be make of the same material the joists are. Ensue that you use galvanized or treated framing fasteners when nailing exterior deck blocking. Our original plan was to build the one-level, step-up deck in between the four trees, but after trying to maneuver around the exposed roots, we learned our best solution was to shift the deck over and have the deck encompass one of our existing trees. the deck and spa were here when my son bought the house. x 11 in. For the beam i plane to use 2x8 and 2x8 joist .So planning to use 9 blocks total. 2×6 joists 24″ oc, spanning 10′. 11 in. I will use 16" oc for joist spacing . Decide how you want to support your deck For a more rigid feel, 12” or less may be preferred. A 2x6 will span less than a 2x8 and so on. During my planning, I had carefully calculated the widths and spacing of the deck boards so they would fit perfectly inside the picture frame. If necessary, you can also build the deck on top of the concrete blocks. The weight load of your deck also affects the spacing of the posts. Place one board in the middle of the deck area, making sure it hangs evenly off each end of the 2x6s. 4. (how many/spacing?) This made our original straight forward square deck a little more complicated, but not too much. 3. See calculations for 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 and 2x12 deck joists and common types of wood. Here is a link on deck construction.. this particular link is quite detailed but has no blocking specs... and you can see why by noticing the various wood types in use, some a lot stronger and less prone to twisting than others. Cut 10 pressure-treated 2x8 boards to length at 117 inches, using a circular saw or power miter saw; these are the standard joists. The anchor is hidden within the post unlike unsightly bulky exterior metal post brackets. To avoid referring to complicated engineering tables and for the purpose of building a deck, let us start with the idea that using standard 2x8 softwood lumber at 16" o.c. Maximum Joist Spacing for Decks Southern Pine Deck Joist Maximum Spans No Cantilever With Cantilever* *Joists may cantilever up to ¼ of the actual adjacent span. Round it up to 13 spaces 13 spaces mean we’ll need 14 joists. Placement: Mid-Spans Between Beams. Now we placed our 4×4 posts in the deck blocks and marked them with a laser level 18″ (9-1/4″ for beams + 7-1/4″ for joists + 1″ for decking + 1/2″ for good luck) below where we wanted the top of our deck to be. Asked by: Crazygoose remember not to have level. Less spacing will provide a firmer deck, though except in cases of anticipated extreme load it is a total waste of lumber! The upper deck will have joists resting on the beams, while the lower deck will have joist hangers between beams. If adding additional framing, be sure to keep all boards level and in plane across the tops. x 7 1/2 in. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. Determine what you want (explanations below) and adjust your sketch. For example, a 2 x 12 joist placed 16” OC. joist spacing your deck will easily meet the 50 psf threshold. 2. It's easy to do since the affects of each block that's off a little in length is cumulative. Seems like I can cut this amount down using 2x8s. While most residential construction uses 2x8 joists with 16 inch spacing, there are many other factors you need to consider when determining the proper joist span length.. Joist span and spacing is set by your local building code. Apply for Zoning Certificate – Contact Planning Services for information regarding setbacks. When this system of connections is made properly, loads are transferred throughout the deck’s frame and into the ground and/or the adjacent structure to which the deck is connected. b. For an attached 12 x 12’ deck, you’ll need at least 3 footings, plus at least 2 more if you’re planning on building stairs with it. The 8'X8' needs a block on each corner because it should be framed with a minimum 2X8 that can span 8' unsupported. supported by 4×8 beams at both ends. Deck Plan Information Steps for Obtaining Permits Name Address Date Staff Initials 1. All I am reading is that deck blocks cannot be more than 5ft apart, regardless of the joist size. If your deck will be a different size, it’s easy to figure out how many you’ll need. When making my doubled up 2x8' beams, I've seen people place plywood spacers between for water drainage. But when Jake and I got to the last few boards, I realized we were going to end up about 1/2 in. Does this 4 way Deck Block SKU # 1000405029 hold 2X6 or 2X8?  If it holds a 2X8 laterally how much wood would be exposed over the concrete? For a 2x8 joist at 16"OC you can go 11ft between supports Draw it out on paper or use one of the deck design apps, then do some math to figure out spacing for the deck blocks. If you hit an obstacle like a rock, you can easily reverse the deck foot anchor out and move over a bit. But the 2015 IRC included a new one (Table R507.5) that will make it easy for deck builders to spec a joist size for a given span and joist spacing. The table includes spans for common lumber species used for deck framing like southern pine, Douglas fir, hem-fir, redwood, western cedar and other species. Should i do anything more . Clear a flat area of lawn (or use a garage floor or driveway) for building the deck frame. make sure not level. Is this necessary? Deck joist spacing should never exceed 16” on center (with the exception of MAX deck boards, which allow for maximum 24" on center). CASE II SOLUTION: ... 1-2x8 2-2x6 2-2x8 2-2x6 2-2x8 2-2x6 2-2x8 2-2x8 2-2x10 2-2x8 2-2x10 2-2x10 2-2x12 2-2x10 2-2x12 2-2x10 3-2x10 6’ Corner Footing Intermediate Footing When deck ledgers are attached to engineered wood products (structural composite lumber I am calculating the need for 32 pier blocks for a 16x16 deck. Putting the joists 12″ apart, versus 16″ apart, changes the deflection value of those joists. Unlike other deck boards, WearDeck resists stains from harsh substances like sunscreen and red wine. Our max joist spacing is 450mm. This is done to allow direct nailing of each block. Here's a word of caution. 1. if supporting a deck. After I got over the shame, we fired up the table saw and cut 1/2 in. On BestDeckSite, we recommend installing blocking on 2x8 joists too. or should I use carriage bolts? 2×6 boards across the joists. Handyman solutions : Code on blocking varies by city and state somewhat. While a floating deck might be next to a building, it may also be a standalone structure in the middle of your yard. Use a tape measure to check the spacing to ensure that the front and back sides and left and right sides are equally spaced. Then, we headed over to the saw and cut them all down to size making sure to place them back in their correct block. Where the deck plank meets each joist, screw two square-head trim screws 1-1/4 inch from each side of the deck plank (Image 1). To help cut down on materials and piles/posts, you can cantilever joists over your bearers. Linear feet and cost are auto updated when the deck is re-calculated, with individual costs for stumps, bearers and joists displayed in each section. I am building a floating, ground level deck in my back yard. 5590/450 =12.4 spaces. But shouldn't that matter? … Use 4 in x 4 in vertically for elevated deck. Adjust the blocks as needed to make them equal. Hit + and - buttons to open or close spacing, re-calculating the deck to find how different spacing options effect cost and materials. Your local code should state the deck should be mechanically attached to concrete footings that are in the ground below frost level if in a cold environment. Position four deck blocks, one at each corner of the area you plan to cover with the deck. Use the Beam Size table and find the 8’ post spacing column. I need to repair/ reinforce a deck at my sons house. 1, that is kiln dried. spanning 16’-6” between supports may cantilever up to an additional 4’-1 … The Titan post anchor is the most advanced hidden wood post anchoring system of its kind. The deck construction including guards and handrails are standard wood construction. That seems excessive. Our deck is 5590mm wide. No more splinters or expensive, ongoing maintenance like sealing and staining. Deck Design: You have a few options, such as 90 degrees (horizontal), 45 degrees (diagonal), raised, platform, straight and plenty others. lumber appears to be doug fir. This keeps the deck from sinking/rising or getting picked up by a tornado. As you get on a roll calling out numbers for the guy at the saw while hammering in the preceding block, make sure not to throw off the joist spacing. Can I attach the beams using 16d galvanized nails? The total joist span is 16ft which will have 1 ft over hang either side and supported by three beams at 1 ft, 7ft,14ft . When measuring, keep in mind that the typical deck joist spacing is 16" O.C. If you're supporting the joists on the deck blocks, then you'll obviously need more blocks. 4. past our picture frame. So, you have to put this together as an entire package and find out why the customers are asking the question. The Titan Deck Foot Anchor is a fast and easy solution for supporting any light weight structure that is floating or free standing from a house.You just screw the auger portion into the ground using a lightweight hand-held impact wrench and never experience any kick back. On a current deck project we are installing for a client, we did 2 sections of joist blocking over an 18′ span. (the distance between the centers of the tops of two adjacent joists). A ground-level deck, sometimes referred to as a floating deck or platform deck, is so-called because, unlike conventional decks, a ground-level deck is not attached to a home or building. How close together you place the joists also plays a role. When building a house or even a deck, it is important to confirm you have the correct joist sizes, spans and spacing before you get started. With a 12’ deck span, the beam may be either two 2x8s or two 2x10s, depending on wood used. the deck is typical construction. A system of key connections throughout the deck framing, also known as a continuous load path, is essential to building a safe, code-compliant deck. A 4’-11” (1.5m) setback is maintained from the deck pier to the septic tank. 2x6 or 2x8 for deck joist. The deck planks are made to have a gap between them, so use a small nail as your spacing guide at each joint. DECK LEDGER TO HOUSE ATTACHMENT – LAG BOLT SPACING Deck ledgers shall be minimum 2x8 pressure-preservative-treated No. Use this table to determine the maximum distance your joists are

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