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Now you can find Acebeam flashlights and headlamps available in over 100 countries and regions. Quiet, but with a positive click and low action. Boasting 25,000 lumens of white light plus red, green, blue and UV settings, the X80 LED Flashlight is among the most powerful and versatile handheld lights on the market for industrial, adventure and recreational use. Comments are … This time we will review the Acebeam X45, which actually is a little older than the K65, but way more powerful. ); But in performance, it's doing a very great job! As stated above, the light ships with four Acebeam 18650 cells. The base measurement is done with a Convoy S2+ that is tested at 137 lumens. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Review Acebeam X80-GT It’s a side, metal, e-switch. Threads came lubed and knurling looks really good!eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'1lumen_com-banner-1','ezslot_5',120,'0','0'])); Let's quickly continue to the more interesting parts of the review! It runs through seven different brightness levels down to 200 lumens and a high level strobe is available for … Build Quality, knurling, threads, and anodization, High (5m): 10,500 cd =  205 meters / 672 ft throw, Turbo (5m): 19,750 cd =  281 meters / 922 ft throw. The light itself (where I was measuring temperature) was also well past 60 degrees. The pouch is nice, and has the usual d-ring, and an on-the-fly belt attachment loop. However it is not a diving light, and should not be turned on or off underwater. - YouTube * Standard measurement disclaimer: I am an amateur flashlight reviewer. Four cells are required to run the light, too, as the driver wants to bask in the joy of >14V. I have both and must admit the Nichia makes a more true to color light, Like Like. I will also compare it to its predecessor, the Acebeam X60M and provide some reference in the form of two high output soda can lights, the MecArmy PT60 (to be reviewed separately) and the Olight X7 Marauder.. I performed a runtime on Turbo, and … after a few minutes I started smelling smoke. The X80GT is the successor of the X80 that was able to produce 25000 Lumens. we shall see…. The manual is a great size and shape, and is very brief. From left to right: Acebeam X80-GT, Acebeam X45-II, Imalent MS12, Imalent MS18 and Acebeam X70. This one is passable, however, and does give the required information. It’s really a good clicky button. I reached out to BestLight.io and they agreed to send one out for review. The X45 is supposed to do 18,000 lumens. The driver has a thick brass spring, and the other contact is made in the head, directly to the outskirts of the battery holder. This Acebeam X80 is a beast, I own the Olight X7R and this little monster outputs even more light, Not an easy thing to do. Add to Cart. The couloir modes are very bright and produce a nice smooth beam with no hot spots or other nasty artefacts. I find the colour modes very useful, especially red and UV. I plan to kick out another Acebeam this week – the UC15. Underwater 30 meters(The X80 is the most durable flashlight yet produced by Acebeam, capable of surviving accidental immersion to extreme depths of up to 30 metres! The contents are held in place in open cell foam. Not as short as a Meteor, but with a smaller (and “less mass”) head. 1, the light really tries to output turbo as long as it can. The Acebeam X80 Series has evolved and the X80GT led flashlights now features an amazing 32500-lumen output that is achieved by squeezing a total of 18 Cree XHP50.2 LED’s into the same sized frame as the original X80 model. Acebeam X80-GT - 32500 Lumen The X80 is one of Acebeam's most stunning creations, but it was not enough. Low, Medium1, Medium2, Medium3, High, Turbo and Turbo Max, Press and hold: Cycle through the menu from Med1 to High (skipping Low, Turbo and Turbo Max). I took measurements at 5m indoors. So here comes the X80-GT! ACEBEAM X10 and H60 - I reviewed the first samples! In a frame that can be hidden in your open hand, the TK17 puts out a staggering max of 2,300 lumens out the front out to approximately 480 feet, and it can do that for up to 45 minutes too. It's rather important to have protected batteries since one of the batteries can be discharged too deeply. The manual says that when in TURBO, I should be able to double click for TURBO MAX. For extremely bright flashlights (above approx. So I had to redo all runtime checks. The manual is in English only. Since the light gets extremely hot, very fast, you better use the carry handle! ACEBEAM Flashlight Review, The Best Brightest and Long Throw Rechargeable Tactical flashlight for sale 2020. The light being output was so intense that my runtime setup was being burned. Professional Green and Red hunting flashlight It is powered by four high drain 20A 3100mAh IMR 18650 Acebeam batteries (included) with PCB protection circuits with 4pcs MOSFET. Although, not the newest flashlight in Acebeam's lineup, it's still a worthy competitor to other high power flashlights. The balance point of the light is much farther down, but this still holds the light very securely. I also wouldn't suggest using them in the X80-GT! Every output is just a wall of flood. We are getting Acebeam products straight from Acebeam's head quarters. ZeroAir [Review]s: Acebeam X80 Flashlight (Cree XHP50.2, +Red, +Blue, +Green, +UV, 18650x4 [included]25000 lumens, Indicating light) Preface. 2 review (s) | Add your review The all-new Acebeam X80 is a trailblazing "soda can" sized flashlight designed to protect and serve forensic, emergency rescue and searching personnel. This was not the case for me. The light shuts off (LVP) and the cells tested at 2.94V, which is good enough. Acebeam X80-GT is a high powerful flashlight, Max 32500 Lumens. It’s my understanding that it’s possible to differentiate between the UI’s by the box color. There is really nothing to complain about the build quality, nor about the anodization or threads. The Acebeam X80GT has a rather simple UI.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'1lumen_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_8',123,'0','0'])); The UI is rather simple and straightforward, there are no hidden modes. I don’t have $10,000 or even $1,000 worth of testing equipment. It's 60,000 lumens beats the 53,000 lumens of the Imalent MS12. This is pretty important because this type of switch is pretty hard to find in the dark since they don't protrude a lot. If it’s green, the holder voltage is >14V. The tailcap has some slanted reeding which helps remove the tailcap, to remove the cell holder. I have an in creasing interest in can lights, and this x80 by Acebeam looks so great…. X80 Stock Turbo Max: 24,200 Lumen X80vn Turbo Max: 26,000 Lumen; X80 vn Lux: 24K Lux No Batteries Included Turbo Max gets HOT in about 1 minute. And remember, this is the original UI! And the flood nature of it means you might see it more directly than you intend to. There's a lot to like, and a few misses. Random Comparisons and Competitive Options…. 2 thoughts on “ Acebeam UC15 Keychain Flashlight Review ” Pingback: Flashlight Review 2-5-18 - FlashLight Packs. I also tried some unprotected cells (30q), and they also didn’t produce Turbo Max. This light was provided by BestLight.io for review. High lasts for 6.5 minutes before it drops to a steady 3600 lumens and runs till it dies at 1 hour and 1 hour and 8 minutes. With this kind of brightness, the 6000K LEDs will just blind anybody without knowing if it was Neutral White or Cool White lol. You can see that the beam is extremely wide. There’s very few graphics inside, and graphics are often what separate a good manual from a great one. It’s not intuitive at all. Officially 117.7mm x 65mm (head) x 49mm (tube). It's able to pumping out approximately 32,500 Lumens from 18 XHP50.2 LEDs. I have an in creasing interest in can lights, and this x80 by Acebeam looks so great…. There are 7 different lumen output settings to ensure you will always have the right amount of light for your situation. I love the emitter array. Given the size, this must be the brightest flashlight currently available that fit your pockets! I can cook my dinner from your blazing output The manual is a great size and shape, and is very brief. When the batteries reach 10.8V, the light will Switch Off. Acebeam H60 Full Spectrum Headlamp 8 x Sunlike 5000K 97 CRI + Osram LED 6500K (battery not included) $74.90. Acebeam X80 CREE XPE2-R2 630nm Flashlight/Searchlight -25,000Lm w/4x 3100mAh 18650 Batteries, VC4 Charger, 2X Free Eco-Sensa Battery Cases: Amazon.ca: Tools & Home Improvement The X80-GT uses 18 XHP50.2 LED's to do that. If you like using a holster or lanyard, the Acebeam X80GT got you covered! A site for things that interest a flashlight fan! Blades Canada - Vancouver, BC : Acebeam Flashlights - Quartermaster Medford Knives All Axes & Tomahawks All Folding Knives All Fixed Blades All Throwers All Trainers & DVD's Misc. The X80 ships in a hard cardboard box which flips open from the right side, and has a magnetic closure. The X80GT is the successor of the X80 that was able to produce 25000 Lumens. Here’s a UI table! Please consider claims within 10% of what I measure to be perfectly reasonable (accurate, even). Acebeam is a lighting company established in 2014 and their torches have been recognised as some of the brightest and best made torches in the world. I mean really hot! The all-new Acebeam X80 is a trailblazing "soda can" sized flashlight designed to protect and serve forensic, emergency rescue and searching personnel. It's able to pumping out approximately 32,500 Lumens from 18 XHP50.2 LEDs. Turbo quickly dropped in output so this is the highest number I could measure! Size compared to the most powerful flashlights on planet earth. So I scratched that, and bumped down to High, where I finished the runtime test. $140.00 … I go out every night, and sleep all day Since you took the dark away I have brighter flashlights but this thing is crazy. It’s been seven hours, and fifteen days since you took the dark away But the cell holder isn’t directional;  the light will work with the holder in either direction. Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2020 Bought this during one of California's usual wildfire / blackout combos, and it's come in handy yet again as California finds itself on fire and without power during a pandemic. a relevantly filtered page on parametrek.com, nothing compares, nothing compares, to you, Acebeam UC15 Keychain Flashlight Review →, Sofirn SP33 v2 Flashlight Review – ZeroAir Reviews, Cree XHP50.2 (Also: 2*XPE2-R2 630nm, 2*CREE XPE2-B4 475nm, 2*CREE XPE2-G3 530nm, 1*Nichia 276A 365nm). It is set up with an Extech SDL400 Lux Meter for measurements. The manual says that might be a better idea, however. If you don't, you'll soon burn your hands because this thing gets really hot! * Turbo Max is a slow double click. I can't express enough how this light surprised me. U.S. Orders by PayPal only. But there’s a LOT of UV in there, and really the lack of ability to strobe red and blue just seems like a bad oversight. Cause nothing compares, nothing compares, to you…. In fact the UI isn’t bad, I just wish for 2 things:  UV was harder to get to (or easier to avoid) and there was a police mode in the original UI. The primary means for transporting this light will likely be this bezel-up nylon pouch. In the other pictures we can see from left to right: Emisar D18, Fireflies ROT66II, Acebeam X80-GT and BLF Q8. I recharged it between each runtime test.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'1lumen_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',126,'0','0'])); All output numbers are relative for my home-made Integrating Sphere. That UI is really fairly simple. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. They’re also button tops and again, the light doesn’t require button tops. Crazy high lumens in such a small flashlight. ); Size: 117.7mm(length)x 65mm(head diameter)x 49mm(tube diameter); Weight: 330g without battery; Official Specs and Features; Versions; Price; Short Review; Long Review. Onboard UNC1/4" thread. Here’s that review. Add to Cart. (One end has a slightly longer lip than the other.) Since the X80GT is so short, the reflectors just have to be really shallow. The tailcap is featureless, and I believe not involved in electrical connectivity of the light. There are two versions of this light, differing in UI.

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